Anniversary Wishes

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Anniversary Wishes For Wife

A wedding anniversary is a very delightful day for a husband or wife. You can wish your friends or your partner on this day to make him/her feel loved. The anniversary poems fulfill the purpose best, to make your spouse, friend or family member feel special and happy. The pleasant anniversary wishes to revive the good old memories spent in the name of married life. Your efforts should be to make the day great and memorable enough for a person that it can be added into the book of his precious times.


You can view here lovely anniversary wishes that you can choose to write on a card or to send through SMS or to write on the FB’s wall.


Our house would never have become a beautiful garden without you. Our children would not have felt the true happiness without you, and I wouldn’t have ever felt complete and loved without you. Happy Anniversary!

Love, Romance, Care, Affection, Peace and Happiness is all I have ever experienced being with you. I love you. Happy Anniversary, Hon.

Happy Anniversary, Gorgeous! Many times you had to compromise for me, and that’s what makes you special. I love you and I always will.

I can’t think of any marvelous wish for you as much you are, but all I know is, you made my life beautiful, I love you Honey Bunch. I hope I have been the one you wanted and more than that the man you deserve. Happy Anniversary!

Wish you a very Happy Anniversary sweetie pie! All these years I have been trying to prove to be the best husband and to give you all the happiness you ought to have. I wish I have accomplished much till now. All my love is for you.

I would just say thanks to you on our anniversary, for doing everything for us and our married life. Thanks for supporting me and for being by my side my whole life. Happy Anniversary, my Queen!

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FIFA 17 Cheats – How to Master free kicks

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With the arrival of FIFA 17 , users can enjoy the new and improved controls set pieces featuring EA Sports in this installment of the saga. However, we can not expect todominate from the start. Therefore, in the same way as we explain how to master penalty shootouts , now comes the turn of the free kicks of FIFA 17 .

Edit your launch position

Similar to penalty shootouts, FIFA 17 offers the possibility of altering our position on the ball when throwing a foul. First, get to choose our position around the ball with the right stick, which allows us to position ourselves for more lopsided, or hit the ball directly pitches. Also, with the left stick you can choose where exactly we want our player to hit the ball.

FIFA 17 faults

Note the qualities of the pitcher

When taking a free kick, it is very important to know the characteristics of our player.Not the same a direct free placed by Dimitri Payet struck a hard foul by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Therefore, at the time of positioning we must take into account both the accuracy and the effect and power pitcher, since the more technical players can use their qualities to score with a shot heeled effect while the more powerful will benefit from a much kick.

FIFA 17 faults

Define your shot

Once we have the launch ready, it’s time to define how we are going to hit the ball. By simply pressing the shutter button, we can determine the power of scrimmage, and the effect we want to give to the ball or, conversely, to make a hit with force caught unawares the goalkeeper.

To launch the faults effect , just hold the B / Circle button to choose the power, while we give the ball effect with the left stick. This release is especially useful to overcome the barrier overlooked, and place the ball where they do not get any goalkeeper.

If instead we prefer powerful faults , we have to hold the LB / L1 button together with the shutter button. This striking not caught much effect as above, but is more difficult to stop, and allows shots with Cristiano Ronaldo dry folha style.

Finally, releases are below the barrier. These shots are useful to surprise the adversary when he jumps barrier, and to perform them only need to hold down LB / L1 and the shutter button, as in the previous case. The only difference is that in this case, we must give much less power to throw to overwhelm opponents below.

FIFA 17 faults

Launches two and three players

As in previous games, FIFA 17 gives us the option to set pieces with two or three different pitchers. These moves give rise to new combinations and shots, aiming to confuse our opponent and score a goal. FIFA 17 Hack

To call a second player must press the LT / L2 button. Once this is done, we can performs various actions with the button on the second player (LT / L2) along with Feint shooting (B + A on Xbox / Circle + X on PlayStation) to threaten the pass button (A / X) to make a pass, high pass button to raise (X / Square) or simply shot button to shoot him.

If two players were not enough, EA Sports gives us the ability to call a third player with RB / R1. While for some this is crowd in FIFA 17 we can use it to combinarnos with the other pitchers, either feinting shot (RB / R1 + hint shooting) and then give a pass to that player, or making a perfect shot (RB / R1 + shot).

FIFA 17 is now available. The latest installment of the saga football EA Sports  goes on sale on September 29 for PS4 , Xbox One and PC as well as PS3 and Xbox 360, and can beplayed in advance in Xbox One by EA Access. This new release includes many new features such as ‘mode El Camino ‘, which will expose in detail in our very complete analysis of FIFA 17 . Astuce FIFA 17

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Happy Birthday Wishes

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events greeting (8)

Happy Birthday Wishes

events greeting (8)

    • “I have a bad news for you that you are drawing closer to the death every year, ha ha but hey guess what? You are not alone at-all. Happy Birthday to you”
    • “Happy Birthday dear. On your special day I hope you get bigger mentally like your age. I love you but I do not miss you. Have nice celebrations”
    • “Happy Birthday. May you many more to celebrate. Don not be happy to see more candles on your cake because actually you are getting older, Ha Ha. Have fun”
    • “Smile my friend it is your birthday, rather forget about it because a toothless person looks ugly when he smiles. Ha ha ha. Keep smiling. I like your retarded smile. A very Happy Birthday”
    • “Happy Birthday to the friend who smells like a skunk and laughs like a seal but today is your special day so you can be happy as much as you want because a happy monkey looks cute. Once again, a very Happy Birthday eishes greetings messages
    • “I am thinking about gifting you a denture because you’re getting older by every year but your smile without teeth looks sweet. Happy Birthday my friend”
    • “May you grow up with the growing age of yours because I cannot bear stubborn around me anymore. Happy Birthday dear. I wish you all the best for your dreams and future goals”
    • “I wish that you jump so high and fall so I can say you a very good bye forever. I love you and you know that. Happy Birthday. Wish you a good luck”
    • “Happy Birthday. May you have a lot more. You are growing old but as you are really shameless you will not die without eating your cake so I’ll bring a poisoned cake to finish you for once and all”

  • “You are worthy of precious things and there is nothing more precious than you in this world so I decided to bring nothing at all at your birthday. Happy Birthday sweetheart”


Clash Royale Guide: the winning strategy

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You want bold clean Royale clash and always win? Then buys back very very many jewels. Best 14000 for 99 euros and the matter several times. This brings you not only in a position to put together the best deck of cards by purchasing the corresponding chests of jewels. No, you can get gold and quicker to open your captured chests. Pay-to-win. But nonsense aside, all jewels and meaningful output we have summarized already in this article here . And chests here by Jasmine there’s an overview.

But what sort of a pointless help articles to the app by supercell, if our this gemstone tip was full of Ernst. Clearly, the game development costs and server maintenance will be funded. So if nobody would buy anything, the download would not free. However, equipped itself with jewels you need some strategy. And if we play not only with a few jewels or even, then the right tactics when the draw is more important. Isn’t it?

So we want to deal today Royale guide times in our loose series to the clash with strategies. Or translated: how to win at clash Royale without spending money? Here, it is to note that in the course of time always new patterns are show up Royale in the gambling in clash. So, we will provide the article with an update from time to time.


Let’s basics start with the – Siegbedinungen and the thing with the crowns.

Arena basics: towers, crowns, victory conditions

Royale find fights clash in the arenas rather than, as has been shown here already in the review of the game. They differ in from the graphical design – have two separate areas, which are connected by two bridges. The map is quite typical for a such game. The opponent and you have a storm King and two other towers. The hit points of the towers rise with the level of players. Currently at level 5 have my towers 3096 for the storm King and 1890 hit points for the arena towers. A player with a level 10 has 4272 and 2730 hit points.You get so non-linear with the leveling up.

There are three victory conditions:

1 winner is, who makes platt more towers of the opponent in the regular season.
2 it is also winner who kills the King assault of the enemy.
3. winner is the one which flattens the first tower of the opponent in the extra time.

A damaged Tower, there is a Crown. You can win with a Crown, if the opponents destroyed none of the own towers. It is doing no matter how many hit points a tower still has. I have also already towers with only 4 hit points are still watch and lost or won.


You must only eat many crowns if needed to open up the chest of the Crown (see the help article for chests here). Otherwise only the ego requires many crowns.

Clash Royale strategy

The strategy could be actually divided into two areas. No, not offense and defense. But the best cards and the best deck and its meaningful use. We want to deal with the cards we here only implicitly, there anyway no “wünsch – dir-what” prevails. So let’s what various strategies there is.

Help, nobody starts! The game is started, but nothing happens? Then two stubborn Rams have met or players clash Royale, which use this tactic. This consists in not immediately to start, but to first submit the opponent. This has an advantage that is the perfect counter to the played card can create. It has the other advantage, that first load up even one or two units Exelier can be. Yes, it does not start with full bar. An easy variation on this strategy represents the following. Clash Royale Cheats

Blast opening: Immediately after starting the game, you throw a fireball or the missile on one of the opponent’s arena towers. To do this you must be they logically in the deck, and also in the hole cards have. Advantage of this is of course, that’s no counter to this attack are. The opponent can not resist so and you sure as hell can undermine a handful of hit points from the tower. Also putting the opponent so that the forced the first pitch card to play. Negative is of course that one is usually not immediately a against strong units counter can play as the elixir for this purpose is not enough. The fireball is preferable with 4 Elexierkosten of so the rocket with 6 Elexierkosten. Especially since the fireball also times better is used against approaching troops, because he has a radius of 2.5.

Clash Royale principle rule

Elixir costs: Make sure that your deck is not too expensive. The average cost of Elixir not appear you without reason under the deck. What is cheap? I currently have 3.5 and can be thus always able to act.That doesn’t mean that I always win.

Elixir profit: It is a unit, which costs 5 Elixir. Your opponent counters it with a unit that costs only 4. Your opponent has won just 1 Elixir. Not really, but mathematically. I pay attention to all the actions that I fought pretty cheap. Such as the Valkyrie against many opponents such as the barbarians (in Tower range with their support) or about the fire spirits against the lackeys Horde is ideal.

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