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With the arrival of FIFA 17 , users can enjoy the new and improved controls set pieces featuring EA Sports in this installment of the saga. However, we can not expect todominate from the start. Therefore, in the same way as we explain how to master penalty shootouts , now comes the turn of the free kicks of FIFA 17 .

Edit your launch position

Similar to penalty shootouts, FIFA 17 offers the possibility of altering our position on the ball when throwing a foul. First, get to choose our position around the ball with the right stick, which allows us to position ourselves for more lopsided, or hit the ball directly pitches. Also, with the left stick you can choose where exactly we want our player to hit the ball.

FIFA 17 faults

Note the qualities of the pitcher

When taking a free kick, it is very important to know the characteristics of our player.Not the same a direct free placed by Dimitri Payet struck a hard foul by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Therefore, at the time of positioning we must take into account both the accuracy and the effect and power pitcher, since the more technical players can use their qualities to score with a shot heeled effect while the more powerful will benefit from a much kick.

FIFA 17 faults

Define your shot

Once we have the launch ready, it’s time to define how we are going to hit the ball. By simply pressing the shutter button, we can determine the power of scrimmage, and the effect we want to give to the ball or, conversely, to make a hit with force caught unawares the goalkeeper.

To launch the faults effect , just hold the B / Circle button to choose the power, while we give the ball effect with the left stick. This release is especially useful to overcome the barrier overlooked, and place the ball where they do not get any goalkeeper.

If instead we prefer powerful faults , we have to hold the LB / L1 button together with the shutter button. This striking not caught much effect as above, but is more difficult to stop, and allows shots with Cristiano Ronaldo dry folha style.

Finally, releases are below the barrier. These shots are useful to surprise the adversary when he jumps barrier, and to perform them only need to hold down LB / L1 and the shutter button, as in the previous case. The only difference is that in this case, we must give much less power to throw to overwhelm opponents below.

FIFA 17 faults

Launches two and three players

As in previous games, FIFA 17 gives us the option to set pieces with two or three different pitchers. These moves give rise to new combinations and shots, aiming to confuse our opponent and score a goal.

To call a second player must press the LT / L2 button. Once this is done, we can performs various actions with the button on the second player (LT / L2) along with Feint shooting (B + A on Xbox / Circle + X on PlayStation) to threaten the pass button (A / X) to make a pass, high pass button to raise (X / Square) or simply shot button to shoot him.

If two players were not enough, EA Sports gives us the ability to call a third player with RB / R1. While for some this is crowd in FIFA 17 we can use it to combinarnos with the other pitchers, either feinting shot (RB / R1 + hint shooting) and then give a pass to that player, or making a perfect shot (RB / R1 + shot).

FIFA 17 is now available. The latest installment of the saga football EA Sports ¬†goes on sale on September 29 for PS4 , Xbox One and PC as well as PS3 and Xbox 360, and can beplayed in advance in Xbox One by EA Access. This new release includes many new features such as ‘mode El Camino ‘, which will expose in detail in our very complete¬†analysis of FIFA 17 .

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