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When you show your friends around your new cabin tent, you seriously show them AROUND the tent!

These things are pretty much exactly what they are billed as – a cabin made from a tent or, a tent in the shape of a cabin.
There are tents made from modern day plastic and vinyl, or good, old, reliable and strong canvas cabin tents.

How far you have to carry it on your back might have something to do with your choice, but even with today’s technology in the creation of fabrics… well, give me good old fashioned canvas any day.

It’s strong, you can waterproof it and it offers the utmost in privacy.



Once again, the subheading says it all: family cabin tents are ideal for a large family or a group of people close enough to practically consider themselves family. Mom and Dad, the kids, and even aunts and uncles can all stay in a sizable cabin tent. Friends, lovers, and friends of friends can stay comfortably but still maintain some degree of privacy. So roomy are these temporary abodes that they can accommodate 10 people and 3 queen sized blow-up beds. Some even have their own LED lighting systems and screen porches! This isn’t a tent. It’s a house! Your basketball buddy can even stand in the middle with some cabin’s center heights of seven and a half feet.

Reason #2

All that room affords you not only the ability to hold lots of people and added privacy but a plethora of storage space as well. Some tents come with hanging storage compartments and extra rooms can be used for strictly storage, if not being used to stay in.

Reason #3

Most people value their personal space. Want to be alone? Go in your room and shut the privacy wall. Or just go inside and close the doors while everyone else is telling campfire stories or playing at the beach. Particularly in the case of canvas, unless the windows are open, no one will see you in there. Canvas is also marginally more sound proof that plastic and nylon.

Reason #4

When the weather outside is frightful, the inside of your cabin tent is utterly delightful. The floor keeps you off of the cold, wet, buggy ground. The windows and doors can be closed against the elements. And the water proofed outer surface keeps the dew and the rain where it belongs%u2026 on the outside. The durability and all of the fore mentioned help make these camping tents perfect for extended stay camping. You can have virtually everything you need at your finger tips for weeks at a time.

Some, but not all tents include the following

In addition to the above some units include: a warranty, windows, electrical port, interior pockets, repair kits, carry bags, vents, windows, airflow control, privacy walls, hinged doors and more. This isn’t camping, this is a moveable hotel room!

Whether you are in the deep wilderness or at campground with electrical hook-ups and water, this is an ideal living environment!

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