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Churning in Health Care Coverage - by Don McCanne, M.D.


One-liner: Despite its promises, the ACA has increased volatility of health insurance coverage even as it reduces the value of coverage.

Abstract: Although insurers can no longer deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions, the ACA has greatly decreased stability and value of coverage, with increasing churning of coverage in both private and public markets. This blog shows us many ways that we can lose or need to change coverage, ranging from changes in employer-sponsored coverage, insurers’ requirements, the exchanges, or Medicaid.


Doctors’ Allegiance and the Hippocratic Oath: Patients vs. Profits - by Philip Caper, M.D.

One liner: Two of three physicians in Maine favor single-payer Medicare for all over what we have today—a corporate culture run by private insurers seeking profits at patients’ expense.

Abstract:  The ACA perpetuates and accelerates profiteering throughout a corporatized health care industry. Many physicians, now employed by big hospital systems or sometimes even by insurers, are angry with the transformation of their calling into a business controlled by others. Physicians are left in an ethical bind—to go along with the drive for profits of their employers and insurers, or try to resist and put their careers in jeopardy.


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The scope of needed reforms is wide since there continues to be an enormous gap between a system of universal access that we would like to see and the realities of barriers to access, unaffordable costs, variable quality, disparities and inequities facing ordinary Americans across the country. We need a Copernican shift from the present multi-payer market-based system driven by corporate money and special interests to one based primarily on the needs of patients and their families.  (Welcome Continued)

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